Dr. Bagnell

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

SC License #1548

Dr. Bagnell is an avid mountain biker and martial arts enthusiast. He recently moved from California where he worked in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, correctional facilities and community mental health centers. In these settings he provided treatment for patients experiencing severe symptoms of mental illness as well as problematic behaviors and difficulties regulating emotion. He conducted psychological assessments to help clarify diagnoses, guide treatment recommendations, support allocation of disability benefits, and school accommodations. Please review Dr. Bagnell's curriculum vitae below:

Dr. Soto

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

SC License #1597

Brittany Soto.jpg

Dr. Brittany Soto is a licensed psychologist in both NY and SC. Throughout her education, Dr. Soto knew she wanted to work with teens, young adults, and adults. Her passion to help teens and young adults led to her clinical experience in a number of school districts across Long Island,  NY. While working in the school, Dr. Soto learned how to best help students learning difficulties and perform to the best of their abilities. This included addressing a number of concerns, including: family stressors, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, identity concerns, self-esteem, mental health diagnoses, and peer relationships. Dr. Soto is well versed on the federal regulations of IDEA and FAPE. She is also knowledgeable about behavioral intervention plans and individualized education plans. 

Dr. Soto also gained experience working in a number of other clinical settings, to include adult outpatient substance use treatment and adult correctional settings. In these areas, she utilized interventions such as anger management, mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral therapy techniques to assist her clients cope with a number of different struggles. She is knowledgeable in the assessment and treatment of serious mental illnesses, anxiety, depression, and trauma using evidence based treatment. 

Dr. Dawn

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

SC License #1528


Dr. Dawn is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, who is provides services in English and Spanish, with extensive experience working with diverse clinical populations. She specializes in developmental, educational, and forensic assessment. She conducts therapy for the range of psychological presentations children or adults may experience in the course of lifetime. Therapy modalities include individual, couples, child, family, and group therapy. Administrative experience includes supervising and training multidisciplinary clinicians and administration of programs. She offers clinical supervision for both Masters and Doctoral-level therapists.


Specialties: Addiction & Dual Diagnosis; Psychosocial Rehabilitation; Cultural Competency; Inpatient/outpatient.

Dr. Dawn Cirriculum Vitae


Dr. Brown

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

SC License #1670

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Dr. Brown is an avid reader and a lover of all-things sports and sports related. He believes that, just as sports provides so many parallels to everyday life, so does the work that goes into his therapeutic experiences as a psychologist working with adolescents, young adults, and adults. Dr. Brown has worked with adolescents and adults across various settings to include in-home, youth/adult probation, detention settings, community mental health centers, college campuses, and in psychiatric hospitals. Dr. Brown specializes in examining what role culturally relevant factors (i.e., race, sex, gender, ability status, socioeconomic status, place of origin) may play in the emotional, behavioral, and adjustment and trauma-related issues of the adolescents and adults he works with. He also is adept at recognizing and acknowledging how these culturally relevant variables intersect with the evidenced-based approaches and treatments he utilizes in his work with adolescents and adults.

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Kayla Sweet

Licensed Professional Counselor

SC License #7870

IMG-4568 (1).jpg

Kayla Sweet, M.S., LPC is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in South Carolina. She is a graduate of University of South Carolina Aiken with a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Psychology. She has experience working in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings. Kayla works with adolescents and adults to navigate anxiety, depression, life stress, relationship struggles, managing work/life balance, self-esteem, maladaptive coping skills, and interpersonal skills. She takes an individualized approach to therapy and customizes treatment to each client’s specific needs. She works with clients to create an environment that is open, nonjudgmental, and best suited to foster growth. Kayla utilizes interventions from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness in her work with clients.

Outside of seeing clients, Kayla enjoys spending her free time with her husband and her three dogs.

Ty'Keyana Mickles

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

SC License #7581


Ty’Keyana Mickles, MS is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in South Carolina. Since graduating from the University of South Carolina Aiken with a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Psychology, she has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings providing treatment to children, adolescents, and adults. In these areas, she has used interventions from evidenced based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing to help her clients navigate concerns that include: behavioral issues, interpersonal skills, self-esteem concerns, and a variety of mental health disorders.  It is her hope that through the creation of a safe, non-judgmental space and a collaborative relationship, therapy can be an environment that cultivates and encourages growth, wellness and a more fulfilling life. 

Sheryl Shumate

Office Manager


Sheryl Shumate joined Columbia Psychological Services in 2021 as an insurance billing specialist with over 25 years experience. She has been an essential part of the development and success of Columbia Psychological Services. She provides a warm and welcoming contact for new and existing clients. 

Outside of her work, she is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. She also greatly enjoys her work with dogs.